FSU Sales Institute Mission:

The Sales Institute at Florida State University is dedicated to providing world-class sales education and training utilizing the most updated sales training technologies developed through continuous research.

Watch a short video introducing the Institute: "The Sales Institute Story".

Undergraduate Sales Education

With four full-time faculty members and more than 400 students taking one or more sales courses each semester, the nationally recognized FSU Sales Program is one of the largest pat lecture_webin the nation. Of the over 100 universities that offer some type of sales program, the FSU Sales Institute is one of only two universities in the nation designated a Carnegie Research University that offers an undergraduate major in Sales and a Ph.D. in Marketing, with a Sales and Sales Management focus. Courses are paired with experiential exercises as well as real sales experience. Click here to learn more.

Corporate Sales Training

Coaching for Sales Managers — Experiential Weekend Seminar. Click here for an overview of our Executive Training program.

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Graduates consistently become top performers in their organizations. We provide multiple opportunities for companies to recruit and interact with top students. Students and company representatives can also participate in:
  • Seminole Sales Showcase (spring and fall semesters)
  • Wine tastings and dinners
  • Sales Club events
  • Classroom presentations
  • See more.

Programs We Host:

International Collegiate Sales Competition

  • Tournament-style sales role-play and sales management case competitions hosted every fall
  • 70+ schools and 30+ sponsor companies
  • Prizes for students and faculty
  • Top sales recruits for organizations

Sales Educators' Academy

  • Biennial program dedicated to developing new sales educators
  • Expert speakers and panels from around the country provide their advice


To find out more about the FSU Sales Institute, click the links above and explore our website! If you have any questions, please contact us.

"Success Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity"